Our Boys, Oscar
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Fact File
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Chocolate Labrador
KC Name
Splash of Calypso
Belmesthorpe Beauty
Mars of Manymills
Elbow Score
Hip Score
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Given the bad experience I had with a stud dog I decided it was time to have my own. I thought this would overcome the problem of my girl being stressed by any journey, hoping that you have taken her on the right day as with some bitches they will only be mated for 24 hours and believe me, she decided when he will mate her not him. I also thought it would be good to have the male dog around 24/7 so it will be no big deal for the girls. Oscar is a stunning example of a Chocolate Labrador.

He is KC registered and Splash of Calypso is his registered name. He is hip and eye screened also. His pedigree is very much the working line and has a number of field trials champions. He has a fantastic physic his muscle definition would be the envy of many a “model”. In addition he is the most gentle and least dominant of our dogs. He has all that testosterone running around but constantly has a level head. We have had offers to buy him but I would never sell our boy.

We have recently had Oscar Elbow Score test and he came back with 0 which is an excellent result!