Our Girls, Bea
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Fact File
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KC Name
Cosheston Ghost (Bob)
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Bea Is from our first litter of Labradoodles. Her Mum is Gemma and her Dad Cosheston Ghost (Bob) Who is a Silver Standard poodle KC registered.
Bea could jump incredibly high at just 6 weeks old so my boys and I decided she would be the one to keep. The decision to keep one was so we had first hand experience of the breed, that way we could talk with true conviction. Upon reflection she isn’t the best example as she has a very flat coat and she does cast but given that she is 50% Labrador and 50% poodle that is no surprise. She is, which is typical for the breed, very agile, she pops over our farm gate from stand still with the greatest of ease. She is quite bossy especially to the younger dogs. She does love to run and covers the ground with such grace. It is a beautifull sight to watch our two f1 labraddoles (Buster is my parners) gliding across our paddocks. They love to wrestle and tangle together too.