Our Girls, Gemma - where it all began, but now sadly deceased
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Fact File
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Chocolate Labrador
KC Name
Nibs Spice Dream
Noble Penny Malon
Noble Neptune
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Gemma, sadly, left us in the October of 2013. She joined in all the fun and games right until her last days. She passed away very peacefully, but she is very missed.

This is her history...

She is a Chocolate KC registered Labrador, born 1999. Nibs Spice Dream is her name. Her pedigree is fantastic with 49 champions in 5 generations. Within her pedigree she has
Rocheby Sailing By, Sandylands Royal Ascot and Boothgate lines. Having said that I bought her as a pet. The reason I started breeding was we were going to a ball and needed a new dress. The target for the second litter was stables. Before they arrived my life took an altered direction and those stables became less of a priority and we still do not have them.

Gemma (or Jam Jar as my children call her) was quite a naughty girl in the early days, very lively and chased everything so I decided to channel her energy and did dog agility training. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

I ventured into breeding with her and our first experience was dismal. We were shepherded into a 6 by 4 foot shed, she on a lead and I had to hold her. She was not happy and neither was I. The mating resulted in no puppies and I was glad and never returned to that stud again. I did find a better stud and owner with a more natural attitude to the process and this time she gave us a lovely litter. She has had several litter since but is now spayed and retired. She loved having puppies and was the most diligent Mum of all. Now she enjoys helping with others litters in fact she spent so much time letting Bea’s puppies suckle off her she produced milk. She is Bea’s Mum.

We had her hip scored and eye tested for breeding purposes.

Now she is our matriarch she gently looks after the other dogs and is very tolerant of the young puppies. She still, occasionally, puts her tail between her legs, charges around our yard, sets everyone else off into a frenzy and then jumps onto our cheese stone, sits down and enjoys.

She is my boys' favourite dog which surprises me as we have lots of fun, young dogs. She also forms the corner stone to our breeding and I hope she will live to be the oldest dog ever!