Our Girls, Jilly - retired
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Fact File
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Chocolate Labrador
KC Name
Richards Sweet Delight
Hot Choc Gal
Clovelly Cavalier
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Jilly was chosen as there is no correlation between her and Oscar's pedigree so the blood lines were not too close. Her parents were both sleek and working lines (not short, stocky show line) which I prefer. Her pedigree has a selection of both show and working stock with Master Mariner, Sandylands and Mastercraft blood lines.

She has been our worst for chewing. In fact it is thanks to her and my sheer frustration that I found spraying items with Mr Sheen furniture polish stopped her chewing. Nothing else worked.

Jilly perfected recall and retrieve very young and to this day she would bring a thrown ball back to you all day if you let her. We do have to restrict her exercise a little when she is pregnant as nothing seems to stop her, even a heavy tummy.