Our Girls, Pippa - now retired
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Jack Russel
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Pippa Is our wire haired Jack Russel. Every horsey place has at least one terrier and ours is no different. Pippa appeared at our home from a breeder locally. She is typical of the breed in that she challenged me the most, to an extent sets her own boundaries and keeps all the other dogs, who are all much bigger than her, in order. She has oooodles of character and loves to play (on her terms). Her favourite place is anywhere where there is heat. We have a log burner which generates huge amounts of heat and Pippa can often be found laying between the wall and it, cooking herself. I don’t know how she can bare the intense heat, but she can. She loves to lay on news paper, in the sun. She is not greedy like a Labrador and her physique never changes.