Our Girls, Toffee
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Fact File
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Miniature Poodle
Registered Name
Toffee Princess
Rosie Red Bo
Anzil Smudge
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Toffee is our Apricot Miniature Poodle. She is full of fun and can keep up with the big dogs, when she chooses to. She loves to hang on the ears of those who will tolerate it. She would happily be a lap dog and loves to be cuddled. I do have to watch her with the horses as she has no sense of self preservation and sniffs at their heals. Silly girl.

Our plans for her are to produce Cockerpoos. We have a very nice apricot Cocker Spaniel lined up for her. She is proving very easy to house train and she is very good when we separate her from the pack. Something I am keen to do to establish her independence.