Microchipping Service - Keep your pets safe
In April 2016 it becomes law to have your dog microchipped. At Doodle Dogs we believe this is very good advice and have already adopted this practise. You can be safe in the knowledge that your new pet will be chipped, registered and traceable.

We are trained and licensed to chip dogs which we can do either whilst in our care or we are happy to do home visits. We can also provide this service for other breeders and we would be delighted to visit your litter and microchip them too. Just call to arrange.

For more information see
The New Dog Microchipping Laws
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Lola enjoying getting her chip checked

Bev is trained and licensed to microchip all pets. Once chipped we will enter your details onto the Pet Log national data base and if ever they are lost or stolen you do stand a chance of being re-united.
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Pet microchipping service available either at West farm or I will visit you and your litter making the whole process easier and more convenient
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Buster one of our 5 year old Labradoodles, getting checked