So, when is a good time to introduce your puppy to boarding kennels?

Your first challenge is to find boarding kennels you feel comfortable and confident with. Ones who will meet your requirements and offer a high standard of care.
Are the dogs already in the kennels happy, units spacious and clean?
Are the staff confident, knowledgeable and caring?

I don’t encourage folks bringing their puppies to our dog boarding unless they are going somewhere so have a need for our services, especially if it is to be just for 1 night as this achieves little.

Once you have chosen your kennels then there is no minimum age and the sooner you can gain your puppies confidence in the kennels the better for your puppy.

At dogs paws we don’t care for very young puppies in our kennels but have them in units close to our house and on many occasion we have cared for them in our home but a lot depends on how clean, well behaved or noisy your puppy is.

Stay safe and make sure your puppy enjoys it’s holiday too

Any questions feel free to give me a call on 07725 941 421