How must it feel to tell a customer that some despicable person has broken into your kennels and stolen their beloved pet!!

The devastation it must cause the pet owners family is unimaginable

As a kennel owner I really don’t know how I would rationalise it!

We have spent years, working hard to build a business and given our limitless passion for animals it was a totally logical business to develop. From the moment our customers entrusted their animals into our care we have taken their security and safety very seriously  No expense had been spared with the measures we have in place and of course we all live on site too, which must help

Those who pray on our endless love of animals and see fit to steal in which ever way they choose, from snatching dogs from owner whilst walking  and sometimes that is from children too, to breaking into houses or snatching through businesses, isn’t it time the judicial system stepped up as these folk clearly have no conscience

Keep your pets safe folks