So you have your little puppy safely at home and your tending to its every need but please remember that cute little puppy will very quickly become an adventurous, confident adult dog who will love exploring its surroundings, so the sooner you can start establishing recall the better.

When ever you get the chance to call the puppy to you and reward it when it comes then do.
You could do training of your dog whenever you feed it. Make play time fun with recall challenges in there too.

Why do I think it is so important?

You will struggle to tire your young dog out, attached to a human at all times
Dogs need to wrestle and play with mates. Well, they are pack animals by nature.
It will allow your dog a little freedom and independence

Sadly, with all the dog theft currently, if you have a good recall and a stranger is trying to lure your dog away, you are in control and will avoid your dog being stolen.

I have heard far too many sad stories recently of dogs being snatched whilst you guys are out walking them. I did just today hear of a dog snatcher stealing a dog from a child!! What is the world coming to if we cannot get our dogs out, safely for a walk and where and when does this dog snatching stop???

Stay safe and keep those puppies safe too