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New site, new system but here we go :) Hi all and hope you are doing ok in these troubling times. Bout boarding business is collapsed as you would expect with no one going anywhere but we have produced a few puppies so we can pay our bills at least We have a litter of


What a year so far!!


Many don't consider kennels and why should you but we have had no guests for months and months. We haven't had to close as social distancing isn't a problem but with no one going anywhere no one has needed our services. I have received cancellation after cancellation for bookings already made which is heartbreaking for

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We are expecting our two girls who produce Cockapoos in season June timenso hopefully we will have puppies available later in summer I will update"events" on here and if we have what you are looking for please make contact Many thanks Stay safe, Bev and her girls!




We have two gorgeous, golden labradors who have great health screening with both having 0 elbows and Vanilla 0/0 hips and Custards are very low too. I have a lovely, working stud lined up who is very well bred and great health screening too A "marriage" should happen this week so fingers crossed we should